Flashy Good Times with the Colorsplash


Off to somewhere? Bring a camera that packs a punch in the color department like the Colorsplash!

Credits: 007-0815-styler

Going on a backpacking trip alone or with good friends and family is a nice experience and your photos should look like the part. Gone are the days of bland travel snaps in front of famous landmarks or vistas when Lomography’s *Colorsplash camera* is around!

Choose between an array of crazy colors to paint your travel snaps with a palette worthy of an analogue master! Snap in-the-moment photos of friends having the time of their lives and drench them in flashy colors with every click of the shutter. The Colorsplash is included in Lomography’s list of 30 Analogue Essentials to bring whether you’re in a cross-country tour or a backpacking adventure. True enough, these Colorsplash snaps from our community members indeed brought the fun with a flash!

Credits: weidong, foodeanz, buoka, djramsay, wherearemysunglasses, tatig, lola_juanlu & zonderbar

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written by cheeo on 2014-02-24 #lifestyle #travel #color #colorsplash #flash #analogue-essentials

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