My Konstruktor - A New Look


Inspired by creative artists who do customized works, I decided to give my Konstruktor a new look. Being able to give a personal touch to such a creative tool was a fun and rewarding project!

Front view of my customized camera

What you will need:
• Masking tape

  • Primer for plastic
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Matte sealer
  • Hot glue
  • Dried grass
  • String (for camera strap)

1. My first step was to disassemble the camera back into a few parts. This is done to ease the painting process later. Certain areas which were not meant to be painted were masked using tape.

2. I then sprayed primer for plastic paint on the camera body. Touch up for the smaller parts of the camera were done with the a fine-tip paint brush.

3. After the primer was left to dry thoroughly, I painted the camera using acrylic paint. It was important to have a good idea on the desired outcome. Finding good references and samples were important.

4. Matte sealer was applied over the painted colors for further protection. Additional decoration – the dried grass was taped together and hot glued to specific parts. Lastly, I finished the design by adding a camera strap

Different views of the camera

It is important to check how the paint job looks like, especially at movable and joining parts where the paint can easily come off. Just touch up those areas whenever necessary.

Building the DIY SLR – Lomography Konstruktor was a satisfying process. Although, adding my personal touch to it brings the satisfaction to a whole new level! My customization was actually inspired by old buildings. When you customize your Konstuktor, what inspires you?

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