Photo Stories: A Different Paris by adbigmilk


Paris is known as the city of love. It is one of the favorite honeymoon spots of newlyweds, with its cafés, rich culture and lovely surroundings. It is more often than not associated with the Eiffel Tower, and probably nine of out of ten photographs would show the time-honored landmark.

Credits: adbigmilk

Adbigmilk’s photo, however, gives us a different view of Paris. It depicts the French capital from a different perspective; not from that of a tourist, which most of us are generally accustomed to, but one who actually lives in the city. The photo is a simple, honest depiction of one of the facets of everyday Parisian life.

Here is the story behind the photo, as told by adbigmilk himself:

“The subject is just something I saw while wandering on the streets of Paris. I think I just saw the wave on the wall and waited for someone get into my frame.

For once, I saw that when you find a background you just need to wait until someone adds a little life to your picture. I don’t like it much now, really. It’s just a trick."

Photo Stories is a series dedicated to sharing the tales behind your photos — from your point of view.

written by jillytanrad on 2014-02-22 #lifestyle #photo-stories

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