Photo Stories: Barrel of Death by snoop

2014-02-23 1

At first glance, this image seemed like that of a band having a sound check on stage. But scrutiny reveals something more exciting, and the story unravels a feat that is death-defying.

Credits: snoop

The three people in the photograph are indeed preparing for something big, something that requires far more adrenaline than a concert performance. The photo was taken by snoop and here he shares the story behind it:

“The barrel of death is for me the ultimate signature device for daredevils. You wouldn’t believe that people would ride on walls which are vertical, let alone do this without a lot of protective gear and all this while smoking. Well here you see the crew preparing. And did I say that there wasn’t only one person but several people on bikes and quads going for a crazy ride. Perfect to see what is possible on motorized vehicles if you just are daring enough!”

The photo was taken with a Lomography Horizon Perfekt camera loaded with Kodak T-MAX 400film in Berlin, Germany.

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Photo Stories is a series dedicated to sharing the tales behind your photos — from your point of view.

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