Robertofiuza and His Weapon of Choice: Lomography Color Negative 400

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Roberto wanted to get redscale films during his visit to a Lomography shop in Amsterdam. Due to some twist of fate, the shop did not have stocks of it at that time. So, he ended getting rolls of Lomography Color Negative 400 instead.

Little did he know, this film is what he exactly needs to have a complete Lomography experience. Read on to find out more about robertofiuza and his Weapon of Choice – Lomography Color Negative 400!

Credits: robertofiuza

Full name: Roberto Fiuza
LomoHome: robertofiuza
Location: Portugal
Weapon of Choice: Lomography Color Negative 400

Credits: robertofiuza

Why is this camera/film your Weapon of Choice?
I am never disappointed with the results I get from the Lomography CN 400. I love the saturated colors. The sky is always really blue. This is also my favorite film for night photography.

Any memorable experiences you’ve had while using this Weapon of Choice?
If the city I am travelling to has a Lomography store in it, I always make sure I pay the shop a visit. When I went to the Amsterdam, I wanted to buy some redscale film but the store didn’t have any at that time. The staff there were so nice. They gave me an empty 35 mm cassette and taught me how to make my own redscale film. I ended up buying some Lomography Color Negative 400 for the first time and used one roll during those vacations.

When I returned to Portugal, I completely forgot about that roll on my refrigerator. It was there for one more month. It was also the last one to be processed from that trip. After scanning the first frame from that roll, I was delighted! Since then, after any trip or vacation, I always leave one roll on my refrigerator to be developed one month after my return. :)

Redscale, long exposure, double exposure. Roberto has been using the Lomography Color Negative 400 in his film experiments.

Would you recommend this to other Lomographers? If yes, to whom do you have in mind?
In general, the Lomography CN 400 is a great film to use. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their pictures to have super saturated colors. It is also a great film to use on cameras that don’t have automatic features (toy cameras). Its ISO and exposure latitude allows you to use it in variety of lighting conditions, from sunny weather to overcast, making it an ideal film for simple cameras and inexperienced Lomographers. This is also a great film to redscale and shoot at ISO 100.

When using this, what are you favourite subjects to photograph and why?
For me my favourite subject is either landscapes on a day with a nice blue sky or night photography. When I do long exposures at night, I try to meter with the camera (up to 1 second) and do the math to make the exposure longer (I might go to 30s or 1 min). Then, I count out loud (yes I look like a crazy person with a really old camera and a shutter release cable talking to himself!) and the exposures always turn out perfect. Either I am really good at math and have perfect timing skills or this film is really forgiving and easy to work with. ;)

Roberto’s favorite Lomographs of his shot with Lomography Color Negative 400

Credits: robertofiuza

These are really fantastic shots using the Lomography Color Negative 400! Thank you Roberto for sharing your wonderful experience with your Weapon of Choice.

The Lomography Color Negative 35mm 400 film vibrant colours and superb saturation and contrast. You don’t have to worry while you’re shooting, even under low lighting conditions. See our selection of Lomography films here.

Head over heels in love with that Diana F+? Hoarding rolls of Lomochrome Purple because of its magic? If you are proud with your Weapon of Choice, drop a line at and share your story with the rest of the Community!

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