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It’s Winter Olympics time and we all have winter sports on our mind. Why not take a minute to catch up with Hannah, an avid Lomographer and snowboarder?

Please tell us about yourself and what you do.
My name is Hannah, I run a creative platform called Neon Stash that works on a load of projects in the boardsports world. From skating, to snowboarding and all that is inspired by it! I write for girl shred magazines, snap analogue and communicate for brands in the industry.

It seems like winter sports are largely male-dominated— how did you get into it, and do you find that girls are treated any differently than guys?
It’s true that snowboarding is mostly men, but the number of girls is growing. It’s a really exciting industry to be part of as a girl as it’s open to suggestion and involvement! I didn’t find snowboarding until my early 20’s when I went to do seasons in the mountains. I’ve not looked back and snowboarding has been part of my life/work ever since then. Girls and guys shred together recreationally and it’s not set apart in any way. But competitively its a different world. With different tricks being thrown and a different path of progression between the boys and girls. Both are exciting to watch and are followed by all!

You’ve been shooting Lomography cameras for a while. How long has it been? How’d you get into analogue photography?
I’ve always snapped analogue and had an interest in it, well more like an obsession! I have pretty much every Lomography camera, or at least have tested them all out, and have been doing Lomography projects for the past 2 years. I love the unpredictability of film and love that the best shots can often be flawed. Like a light burn streaking through or that first half snap on a roll. The suspense of not knowing is addictive and I love the graininess of film. I prefer to shun digital perfection!

Can you tell us a little about your project Brits on Board?
‘Brits On Board’ is my latest project, its a mini documentary series showcasing the girls snowboard scene in the UK. I love being part of it and having snowboarding in my life, so wanted to show it to non shredders to get more girls involved. So I have been on adventures in the UK and abroad to film girls who snowboard (British girls abroad, or any ladies in the UK). It’s been a lot of fun and I’m enjoying telling the stories… it’s my first digital project but I’m shooting Lomo on the side of course!

You’ve captured some amazing shots. Please tell us a little about what they are and throw some tips on how to get good photos on the mountain.
I literally just got back from the mountains and had snapped this set of shots on my LC-A during the trip. It’s a selection of adventures I was lucky to go on, from the snowy tree lined mountains of Andorra with friends to the open back country of Morzine with Mint Snowboard plus a bit in the park with Scottish shredder, Sophie Addison. All the shots are of UK riders, taken when I was out filming for Brits On Board (or just out shredding with friends). I always take a Lomography camera with me when I go out riding. The mountains are the best backdrop and on a bluebird day you can’t go wrong. Have your camera at the ready, be prepared to get cold hands, and remember the white snow is going to be bright! But don’t think too much, just snap…

You can also find Hannah on vimeo

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