Behold the Belair X 6-12 - 3 Cameras in 1!


Can the Belair get any more talented? Yes it can! Now you can shoot instant photos as well as 120 film with the brand new Belair Instant Camera! And for sensational triple tasking, you can also shoot 35mm film with the attachable Belair 35mm Back. Get the Belair Instant Camera and the 35mm back together at a reduced price in the Belair Mega Bundle!

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Shoot 120 Film

Belair X 6-12 camera is one fierce multi-faceted machine – with the ability to shoot 3 formats on 120 film. Experiment with the 6 × 6, 6 × 9 and 6 × 12 shooting formats.

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Shoot 35mm Film

Shoot excellent panorama shots, play around with multiple exposures, reach the pinnacle point of your creativity (and some more), with any 35mm film using the Belair 35mm Back!

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written by shhquiet on 2014-02-19 #news #belair-x-6-12 #120 #instant-photography #belair-instant-camera #35mm

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