Tales from the Trip: Spices on the Street

2014-02-18 1

As intrepid travelers, we don’t only search for an adventure or a change of scenery — we also seek to capture fascinating moments in photographs and tell the compelling stories behind them. In this new series for the Locations section, we showcase some of the most fascinating travel photos by our fellow lomographers, along with their tales from the trip.

For the first installment of the Tales from the Trip series, we present a travel snap taken by adi_totp using the Lomo LC-Wide during his trip to India in 2012. Wanting to know more about this intriguing photo of spices lined on the street, we got in touch with Adi, who obliged and shared the story behind the snap:

Credits: adi_totp

“During my trip to India in 2012, I was backpacking all alone and that day I decided to visit Red Fort. After hours in Red Fort, I was walking from Red Fort because I had no maps with me at that time. It was a hot afternoon in Delhi. Then, I just had this plan to walk to Jama Masjid. From Red Fort to Jama Masjid, the walking distance was not that far so I just had to walk and stumbled upon this good Indian spice seller. It was a spontaneous shot because at that time I was thinking, “Woooow spices!” I had no intention to buy some spices, but I just shot at it. To be specific, I took this photo near Old Delhi, just before the walking path to Jama Masjid. Great memories."

Check out the rest of Adi’s lomographs in his album entitled DELHI.

Do you have an exceptional snap from your trips? Share your travel lomographs and the fascinating stories behind them with all of us here in the Community! Get in touch with us through the Lomography Magazine LomoHome or shoot us an email!

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    Thanks @adi_totp for sharing your travel story with us! :D

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