Unnerving and Artistic Nudes by Brittany Markert

2014-02-18 4

The America’s Next Top Model alumna and Brooklyn-based avid film photographer mixes huge doses of creepy with erotic in her latest work.

Self-portrait by Brittany Markert

There are at least thousands of nude and erotic photographs on the Internet.

There human form is a favorite subject of visual artists, and nudes are common in photographers’ portfolios. Images of scantily clad or stark naked men and women, from the scintillating to the merely titillating are readily available in cyberspace, but not everything you’ll find will go well with your discerning taste.

It’s easy to just take photos of the body and its different parts but it’s difficult to shoot tasteful nudes while letting your own personal style shine through. Brittany Markert, however, seems to have found comfort in combining creepy and erotic elements in her photographs. And instead of just shockingly seductive images, there always seems to be a tale behind every set of nude portrait she creates.

Here are some photographs from Brittany’s portfolio, a few of which were shot in the latter 2013 and the rest which were taken only this year.

Photos by Brittany Markert

In an interview with Lomography Magazine a few months ago, she spoke of her preference for photographing subjects in the nude:

Yes…there is something alive and rare in the spirited interaction of people nude together. It’s a mixture of beauty, vulnerability, curiosity, intimacy, & humor…In some ways I’m a minimalist, I enjoy the simplicity and timelessness of plain skin and the tone of grey captured on film. I’m also drawn to the shapes the body adds compositionally and the complex emotional journey bodies can stimulate in different viewers.

So what do youthink of Brittany’s photographs? Share your views in the comments section below.

To learn more about Btittany Markert and to see more of her work, read the articles below or visit her website.

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  1. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    Very cool and creepy! Many of them look like they could be stills from a horror film.

  2. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Outstanding locations and wardrobe plus the lacking of it too!

  3. ivaylo
    ivaylo ·

    Amazing work!

  4. karim_d_ghantous
    karim_d_ghantous ·

    "It’s a mixture of beauty, vulnerability, curiosity, intimacy, & humor"

    She said it very well. What is conspicuous by its absence in these photos is glamour. Nothing fake here, nothing overly glossy or retouched. Of course we have to have the bad to know what the good is, and because we have overly processed images everywhere, by photographers who take themselves way too seriously, we can see that is the wrong direction (IMHO).

    I love this portfolio for lots of reasons: locations, subjects, composition, etc. A few are so-so but together they all work very well. There are some similarities to Cindy Sherman's work (and even David Lynch's) but the mood here is quite different altogether.

    Sherman loves the B-movie, fairy tale atmosphere where Lynch evokes mystery, decay and eeriness. Brittany's work has a haunted Victorian influence - the models are not overly thin (thank goodness), and the locations are usually nostalgic.

    I think my favourite image here is the one of the woman in the lake. It reminds me of the King Arther legend.

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