Lomopedia: Kodak Ultramax 400


If you're looking for a color negative film that you can use with any camera and for almost every lighting or shooting condition, you will most likely come across Kodak Ultra Max 400.

Kodak Ultramax 400 © El Grafo via Wikimedia Commons, Image used under Creative Commons License

A film designed with snapshooters in mind, Kodak says that this high-speed film has the "flexibility you need to take consistently better pictures in more picture-taking situations." Also, if you're often fond of taking photos indoors or in ambient light conditions, this film promises to let you achieve "better low-light picture quality with fewer underexposures." Aside from these features, Kodak says this film can also give you "better results with zoom lenses, greater flash range, and better 'stop-action' photos." This ISO 400 film comes in 24 and 36 exposures.

Kodak recommends the exposure guide below for shooting with the Ultramax 400 in daylight (average front-lit subjects from 2 hours after sunrise to 2 hours before sunset):

If you haven't tried shooting with this film yet, here are some photos showing what Kodak Ultramax 400 can achieve when paired with various cameras:

Credits: life_on_mars, calfaroz, rogeliome, why-yu, limaulime, plasticpopsicle, sirio174, girlwithacurl & ryszardl70

Kodak Ultramax 400 has also been one of our community's favorite color negative films to redscale -- we'll let the gallery below show you why!

Credits: robertofiuza, wuxiong, buckshot & fisher-price

Learn more about this film and check out some reviews by our fellow Lomographers here, here, and here.

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  1. kylejwilke
    kylejwilke ·

    Blown away by your photos! So incredible sharp and colorful. I used this film with my konstruktor and was very pleased.

  2. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    This is my everyday 35mm film. I buy it in packs of 10 rolls. Highly recommended.

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