Monday Moodboard: Speed Sketching Everyday Scenes


When out in the streets, our instinct as photographers and photography enthusiasts is to whip out a camera (or a smartphone, even) and take a snapshot or two whenever an interesting scene unfolds before us. However, for a Tokyo-based illustrator, speed sketching is the way to go to capture these fleeting everyday moments.

I cannot draw or sketch to save my life, so I am always amazed whenever I come across impressive drawings and sketches by talented illustrators and artists. (see Patrick Vale, Mark Powell, Chandler O'Leary, and Kerby Rosanes). Today, I stumbled upon the urban sketches of a Tokyo-based illustrator simply known as Hama-House, who says speed sketching is his pastime. Instead of capturing everyday scenes using a camera or a smartphone, the said illustrator takes out a notepad and a pen then quickly and masterfully sketches the scenes before him — whether it’s a sleeping commuter, friends and families dining, or a street performer.

I’ve always been interested in urban sketching and drawing people but I guess it will take me eons of practice to get to this level and speed. I love all of Hama-House's sketches, but my favorites would have to be the ones he did while in transit. Imagine not only having to sketch quickly while inside a moving vehicle, but also inking it without messing up the whole page!

What about you, have you tried or are you also into speed sketching or urban sketching? Share your insight about this art and Hama-House’s works by leaving a comment below!

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