How My Love for Lomography All Started!


How I started to love Lomography. It was Xmas 09 and I was in my local department store wanting to spend some of the money my family had given me…

It was Xmas 09 and I was in my local department store wanting to spend some of the money my family had given me, I was walking round and nothing was really catching my eye, I hate it when you have no money you see everything, everything in the shop looks so good and you have to have it, and when you do have some money burning a whole in your pocket, everything seems to be hiding and doesn’t want to be bought.

To my surprise I wondered into a store and I saw these very cool looking, very strange looking, very toy looking and very appealing camera’s. I would like to consider myself a creative person and I have always liked photography, it was going to be my career path but I chose Graphic Design, I have always wondered if that was the correct decision, anyhoo I was very intrigued by what I was seeing and bought my very first Lomo camera a Holga…..

Since then, I have bought myself a Diana F+ and a Super sampler, its just so special and I have been kicking myself that I have not known about this Lomo world sooner, I just love the excitement of going to the shop and getting my photos developed, and seeing what I have got, I like the shots that are little gem’s, I may take 30 photos but there are always 1 or 2 in every roll of film that I think wow I am very happy with that pic, its just a very special feeling and I feel like a door has been unlocked inside, a door that previously I thought was open with my digital camera, but now I feel that that wasn’t really photography, it was too easy! and now I have closed the digital door inside me and thrown away the key, and Xmas 09 the Anologue door was blown open and taken of its hinges and its just great.

I often find myself looking at thing differently now, I recently watched Jason Bourne for the umteenth time, and he awakes and he doesn’t know why he knows where all the exits are in the room and where everybody is situated and what they are doing, its just second nature to him, and I am like this now, looking at the side of the road thinking oh that would be a good place to plonk my camera to make it steady, or looking at my watch thinking what time is it as the light is nice and it might make for a good shot!! I am not saying I am the Jason Bourne of Photography but I hope you get my point.

There are so many things I want to do now, I want so many camera’s, and I want to go to so many places with my camera. I love the community of lomo and how it feels we are all in it together, everyone enjoying each others photos and being inspired by each other, it really is a great thing!!

written by chappelow on 2010-03-14 #news #newbie-started-passion-love-new


  1. mariadelmar
    mariadelmar ·

    Just beautiful!

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    great story! :)

  3. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    oh ja...!

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    Very nice indeed ! I also use photography to cope for my lack of memory...

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