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2014-02-15 1

High contrast, fine grain, and tack sharp photos are what the Ilford FP4+ 120 offers for medium format mavens out there. With its 125 sensitivity, it’s perfect for portrait shots and sunny outdoor scenes. Blow this baby up and watch your jaw drop with its nigh invisible grain. Read up on the community’s reviews below!

Ilford FP4+ 120: Classical Charm from a Black and White Wonder by simonh82

I’ve only shot a couple of rolls of this film, both in my Mamiya C330 medium format camera and I’ve been really pleased with both of them. I’m now happy to report that I’ve got a brick of 10 films sat in my fridge after my last piggy points spending spree.

Credits: sirio174

Ilford FP4+ 120: The Perfect Film for My Holga! by sirio174

Summertime. Sun, light, brilliant sky! For this season, I love the Ilford FP4+ film, that I use normally for my 35mm cameras, but this time, for my Holga 120 N!

Ilford FP4+ 120: An Awesome Medium Speed Monochrome Film! by cyan-shine

As a medium speed film with a nominal ISO of 125, it is best shot in good light. It can be pushed, but not very well, so better to use HP5+ if you are planning to shoot in low light. But FP4+ rewards you with a huge dynamic range and beautiful tonality. Its wide exposure latitude means that it is very forgiving, although I found that it compresses highlights better than it keeps shadow detail, therefore, I recommend stand development when you have not been able to calculate your exposure accurately and need the shadows.

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    It's certainly my favorite film for most uses. Use it in my Mamiya Press, Rolleiflex and Holgas.

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