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Launched by Minolta Camera Co. in 1966, the SR-T 101 was a 35 mm manual focus SLR camera known for its classic all-mechanical design and solid feel.

Minolta SR-T 101 © Steve Harwood via Flickr, Image used under Creative Commons license

While it looks a lot like the Minolta SR-7 from 1962, the principal design was based from the Minolta SR-2 from 1958. This SLR camera was also notably equipped with significant features such as Through-The-Lens exposure metering, a very bright viewfinder with central micro prism focusing aid, and exposure information display in the finder.

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Technical Specifications

Year Produced: 1969-73 Minolta Camera Co., Ltd., Japan
Film type: 135 (35 mm)
Picture size: 24 × 36 mm
Lens:MC Rokkor-PF 58 mm f/1.4 (or 55 mm f/1.7) equipped with meter coupler
Lens Mount: SR bayonet mount
Filter: Size 49 mm screw-in, 52 mm slip-on
Shutter: Cloth focal plane
Shutter speeds: B-1/1000 (sync at 1/60)
Film advance: Lever type, quick advance winding with shutter cocking and double exposure prevention
Film rewinding: Rapid rewinding with crank
Viewfinder: SLR (fresnel, microprism spot, shutter speeds)
Exposure meter: CdS w/ match needle, button-activated stop-down metering
Film Speed Range: ASA 6 - 6400
Battery: Originally 675 1.3v mercury but accepts S76/SR44
Others: Accessory shoe, PC X and FP Sync terminals, Mirror lockup, Aperture preview (push to close, again to open)
Siblings and Close Cousins: SRT 101b, 201-203

Check out the user manual for the Minolta S-RT 101 here. You may also want to read a review about this camera by our fellow Lomographer wangtacular!

All information for this article was sourced from Wikipedia, Camera Manuals, and Matt's Classic Cameras.

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