Pick Your Passion Rumble


If your heart wishes for something that you cannot do yet, why don’t you take a photo of it first? Keep it for some inspiration or better yet submit it here.

Credits: dogma

February is all about passion. Do you have a strong liking for some object, activity, or concept but have not mustered enough courage yet to pursue it? This rumble is for you!

We want you to dig deep into your desires and show us photos of things you have always wanted to do. It can be a hobby as cute as crocheting or a sport as extreme as wrestling. It can be riding the tallest and fastest roller coaster or eating a bowl of some spicy exotic food. It can be singing in front of a huge crowd, playing the ukulele, or belly dancing. Don’t be shy and show us what you want through pictures!


  • 1 grand prize winner will get 30 piggies
  • 5 runners-up will get 10 piggies each
  • All winners will get a special badge in their LomoHomes
  • Photos should be taken with an analogue camera. Please keep in mind our theme.
  • Maximum of five submissions per user
  • Don’t forget to tag your photo uploads (Camera, Film, Accessory)

Pick that camera and pick that passion! Who knows it might win you some piggies.

written by Lomography on 2014-02-17 #people #news #competition #rumbles

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