Awesome Double and Multiple Exposure Shots Taken with the Lomochrome Purple 400

2014-02-13 3

Have a look at these fresh purple-soaked snaps from the community!

*Lomochrome Purple* shots are popular for their dreamy, surreal look. When used to take doubles and multiple exposures, however, this signature appearance becomes more pronounced, making photographs look more stunning – even otherworldly, sometimes wispy as seen in the shots below:

Credits: shawnlin, coca, cortomaltez, mattschumaker, linilein & thejomi

The Lomochrome Purple 120 is now readily available at Lomography Online Shop, while you can pre-order the 35mm packages which are estimated to arrive at your doorsteps by March 2014. So make sure to stock up on film and include the Lomochrome Purple in your shopping list!

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  1. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    Many thanks to @shawnlin @coca @cortomaltez @mattschumaker @linilein @thejomi for these wonderful photos! :)

  2. linilein
    linilein ·

    oh ja sehr gerne ! :)

  3. coca
    coca ·

    thanks! :D

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