Turning the Brownie into Jewelry

2014-02-12 1

Got a beat up and irreparable analogue camera such as a Kodak Brownie just lying around gathering mold? Why not break it down and make it into nice pieces of jewelry?

Photo from mysalvagedtreasures

Betsy of mysalvagedtreasures had a cheap and broken Kodak Brownie on hand, and she already set her sights on repurposing it. The results were nothing short of incredible, as the pieces she made would make you second guess that it came from a camera at all. Have a look at some of the pieces she did and hopefully it inspires you to try it out yourself!

Photo from mysalvagedtreasures

The center lens inside an old pocket watch case.

Photo from mysalvagedtreasures

The two finder lenses with glued on sheet music at its flat side.

Here are two more using some of the camera’s innards as well:

Photo from mysalvagedtreasures

Information for this article was sourced from mysalvagedtreasures

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  1. ngjinglingfiona
    ngjinglingfiona ·

    I really appreciate the creativity and resourcefulness in this! :) Its quite inspirational, I might try it on my unfixable cameras one day. Thank you! :)

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