Wanderlust Wonderlist: 5 Non-Cheesy Romantic Spots to Visit

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Whether you’re a novice adventurer or a seasoned traveler, we’re sure you’d like to go somewhere nice for the season of hearts. But, if you and your partner would rather do away with the usual cheesy spots (you may want cheese on your food, and nowhere else), we’ve taken note of Yahoo’s recommendations for unique romantic destinations and listed the five of our picks from their list!

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While Yahoo’s list of best non-cheesy romantic places was initially meant for one-of-a-kind proposals, we think they’re also perfect destinations for adventurous couples looking for unique romantic getaways — for Valentine’s Day or otherwise. Not that we’re thinking that a proposal won’t be on the way if you and your sweetheart decide to go to any of these spots; in fact, the breath-taking sights may even lead you (or your partner) to pop the big question!

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Uluru / Ayers Rock in Australia

Now, before you slam us for recommending that you spend the most romantic day (or weekend) staring at an enormous red rock in the Australian Outback, Yahoo tells us why and we think it makes sense. “The lack of light pollution around Uluru in the Australian Outback means it’s one of the clearest places in the world to see an astonishing number of stars in the sky at night.” Stargazing is totally romantic, if you ask us, so we want to echo Yahoo’s advice. After marveling at the famous red rock and basking in the glorious sunset, grab a sleeping bag, some bubbly, and indulge in a quiet moment

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Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Want to impress the history/culture junkie in your special someone? There’s probably nothing that will tickle his or her fancy for anything classic like an ancient citadel perched on a rocky outcrop. Its location, the Greek capital of Athens, is a breath-taking ancient city itself which will surely thrill you both, but Acropolis and all the ancient buildings in it (notably, the Parthenon) will be like the icing on your romantic getaway. Yahoo’s advice? “Don’t go for the cheesy shot in front of the crowds; find a quiet picnic spot as you wind your way up to the knee-trembling climax that is the Parthenon.”

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Juliet’s House in Verona, Italy

Verona, the Italian town that inspired legendary English playwright William Shakespeare to write one of the most enduring (yet tragic) love stories ever, may also inspire the Romeo in you to woo your very own Juliet. In fact, you can visit the very house where the Capulet family is believed to have lived — or maybe just the real family that inspired the fictional wealthy family. Called Casa di Giuletta (Juliet’s House), the city’s famous abode is located at via Capello 23 (near Piazza delle Erbe), and houses a bronze statue of Juliet, among other Romeo and Juliet-themed attractions. What should literature-loving couples do in the romantic spirit oozing out of this spot? Aside from doing your own reenactment of Romeo and Juliet's balcony scene, some say you should also follow tradition and stick a message of love on the walls of the house's dark tunnel.

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Hampton Court Palace in London, England

If your special someone happens to be an Anglophile, Yahoo recommends giving the “full English experience in London” by doing away with the London Eye and the “tourist-buzzing streets of South Bank.” Instead, they recommend spending an idyllic afternoon of chit-chat over picnic and some bubbly in Hampton Court Palace. Yahoo also stresses that the palace was once home to many English monarchs — including Henry the VIII — so we’re sure you and your partner will feel like royalty while strolling along its 60 acres of gardens and grounds.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Last but definitely not the least is the dazzling Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, which Yahoo also recommends visiting during the “spectacular, hedonistic annual affair” that is the Rio Carnival. A seaside city buzzing with energy, we’re sure you and your partner will be roaming hand-in-hand around its natural wonders and bustling cityscapes. Or, conversely, when you feel the need to slow down a bit, you could simply beach-bum and gaze at the sunset while sipping caipirinhas on its best beaches.

If you’ve been to any of these hot spots with your significant other, why don’t you share your stories and photos with us? We’d love to hear how your trip went! Also, if you have your own recommendations for unique romantic getaways, go on and share them with us!

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