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Poepel’s shots are so impressive that it’s never a surprise to see at least a few of them every week in the best-of section. You simply cannot miss his photos. And so, without further ado, allow us to introduce Mario, better known as poepel, a new member of our community squad of LomoAmigos!

NAME: Mario
LOCATION: Merchweiler – Saarland
LAND: Germany
LOMOHOME: poepel

Credits: poepel

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your main interests?

Ei gunn Dach (saarland dialect, means "Good afternoon). My name is Mario, I´m 28 years old and live together with my wife Sarah and our cat Zewa in Merchweiler, a small in the Heart of the Saarland, Germany. I work as a natural stone mechanic, which means I am kinda like a modern stonemason. Besides my hobby as a photographer, I’m also a fan of reggae and dancehall; I’m collecting caps, reading comic books, playing yahtzee and enjoy drinking rum.

How did you become a lomographer and when did you become a community member?

I started with digital photography years ago. Going outside with a camera was always a good compensation for my hard work with natural stone. Looking through a viewfinder and focusing on the object is very recreational.

At the end of 2010 I became a lomographer. Back then I discovered the Diana F+ in an online shop. I was attracted by its retro design and placed the order without thinking much about it. When I finally held it in my hands, I got disappointed. Medium Format? What’s this? What to do with it? And how is it working at all?

I didn’t have any idea and first had to investigate together with Mr. Google. I found my way to the Lomography community very quickly. After registration I saw all the photos taken by these lovely plastic cameras. The colors, formats, photos with sprocket holes fascinated me. After a while I ordered the Spinner 360. I immediately became a fan of it. I have never seen such 360° photos before, and I wanted to takesuch photos. This was the beginning of my lomographic mania. And I’m still as inspired as I was on the first day.

When I visit the Lomography main page and spot the recent popular photos, most of the time I see at least on of your photos. I like your film swap projects the most! Who is your favorite film swap partner?

In my opinion the film swap underwater market with @grazie was very successful. G sent me a roll of X-Pro Slide. She went for a LomoWalk in California with her Olympus Trip35 and I took the film to the vacation with my wife. We were armed with the LC-Wide and the Krab in the swimming pool of Bad Kreuznach. The combination of underwater photos and the scenes of life in california is great. And the overlap of the photos was perfect for the first time.

See for yourself:

Credits: poepel

Any tips on how to start a film swap? Or perhaps, on how to do multiple exposure projects on your own. What should one pay attention to? Your album Wallpaper Doubles is almost perfect!

Thanks! Of course the wallpaper doubles were a success. But this was only a test for an upcoming project, which I´m currently planning. What’s important for me was to mark the film when first loading it into the camera. It’s important to have the same film position for the second exposure to ensure perfect overlapping of the photos. I added three marks on the film and on the camera. When reloading the roll for the second time, I made sure that the positions of the marks are similar. I shot the wallpapers from my TV while overexposing for one step. After reloading the roll for second time, you can start to photograph as usual.

The party doubles are funniest for me. I created my personal rule #11 “drink and shoot”. I follow this rule on every party, concert, presentation. I took my camera to the party (and there is normally flowing a bit of alcohol), expose the roll, reload it, and start again. You can never guess the result. But I have never gotten disappointed until now, and every time I am always looking forward to the unexpected, when scanning the negatives.

Credits: poepel

According your LomoHome description you´re a big fan of Sprocket Holes (SeX, DRuGs aNd SpRoCkeT HoLEs……). Why do you like it?

Hahaha my Sex, Drugs and Sprocket Holes slogan. Meanwhile it could be changed to Sex, Drugs and Medium Format, too.

But as already mentioned, I especially like the Spinner 360. I think the sproket holes give the unmistakable analogue look to the photos. And I think this effect is hard to photoshop for digital photos.

Credits: poepel

How many cameras do you own? Is there one taht you always bring when you go out?

In the meantime, I own 30 cameras. And I´m a lomographer who always takes a camera with me. ANd because of this, my friends call me Karla Kolumna. But there is not one particular camera that I always take with me. I choose my camera depending on weather, format, situation and event. I usually take several cameras for a walk. Of course it´s hard to make a decision on which camera I take with me, but the Horizon Perfekt and a medium format camera are always my choice

Are you looking for any other camera to add to your collection?

Two weeks ago my dreams came true and I bought a serious medium format camera. Now, I´m a proud owner of a Mamiya 645 Super. I think it will keep me preoccupied for a wile and I won’t need another new camera. My shelf is filled up anyway.

I have been telling myself to stop buying cameras. Lets see how long it’ll work.

What have you shot on film this year? Can we ask you for a gallery with your best photos in 2013?

Credits: poepel

Aside from your wife, who inspires you during photo shoots? Are there any community members who inspire you in particular?

My wife is my “best booked model” and she inspires me most. She is an eye-catcher. But I think one reason is that I don´t have any special style for my photography. I prove to catch moments of our daily life. Once when we are old and grey, we can look back in time with our preserved memories.

There are a some poeple from the lomographic family who inspire me. I´m a big fan of @earlybird. He is such a creative one and I think his work is almost perfect. All I can say is: “Melting Faces”. And I´m a big fan of the street photography of @grazie, the family photos of @dannyedwards and the black and white photos of @weidong. I also like the architectural photographs of @articheckt, the portraits of @tall_bastard and of course the splitzers of @hodachrome.
There are a lot of talented photographers. @atria007, @goonies, @moodification, @jennson (please come back!!!), @blueskyandhardrock, @suizidekid, @onkel-m, @bloomchen, @he-mo, @elvismartinezsmith, @kathepalacio, @cryboy etc. And they all are so helpful. I´m proud to be part of this community.

Last but not least, please share a tip on how to always shoot a great photo.

Just do it, shot off your brain or follow the rule #11 “Drink and Shoot”.

Thanks for the interview, Mario!

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    @poepel I'm here bro!! I'm working on new
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