Create Pop Art Out of 8 Shots with the Oktomat


Do you want to see how pop art is created? Well, just load a roll of film into an Oktomat and go crazy with 8 shots in a single frame!

Credits: i_am_four-eyes

Cram 8 wacky snaps in one nifty frame with the *Oktomat* and you’ve got yourself a pop artwork that’s ready for an art gallery! This series of photos from our some of our wackiest and most imaginative community members show us how one plastic piece of photographic equipment can go a long way in the aesthetics department!

Crazy is the only way to go with the Oktomat! These sequential shots mix a yearning for experiment and a splash of color in every frame. Who’d have thought that the Oktomat can be quirkier? Well, the fun gets a whole lot better when you get lovely colors like the ones in his gallery of photos!

Credits: lomosexual_manboy, neurodiaz, joseman, lucaro, elvismartinezsmith, blackbyrd, donatus, senshisheena & kernow_and_cambria

You too can fill a whole art gallery with your own brand of pop art when you use the *Oktomat*! This plastic fantastic camera offers 8 shots worth of fun in a single frame and that’s all done in a matter of 2.5 seconds. Get this multi-lens shooter now at the Online Shop and see the world in 8 quirky plastic eyes!

written by cheeo on 2014-02-11 #lifestyle #oktomat #color #light-leaks #plastic-fantastic #8-shots

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