Kino Stories: ‘The Boy Who Looks for Love’ by reneg88

2014-02-11 1

Follow the misadventures of the boy who looks for love in this short film by reneg88!

Video by reneg88. Link to the video’s page in the community here.

With Valentine’s Day happening in just a few days, we deemed it only appropriate that our short for this week centers on the theme of love. “The Boy Who Looks for Love” by Puerto Rico’s René G. Boscio (*reneg88*), however, isn’t the “happily-ever-after” type – at least not yet, since the ending is quite ambiguous. “The Boy Who Looks for Love” is told in a similar fashion as old silent films and follows the story of how this boy named Julien Luc tries but fails to win the heart of his beloved, Lyla, because another guy called Jake came by and stole the girl’s attention. Whether you’ve ever loved and lost someone or not, you’re still bound to find “The Boy Who Looks for Love” entertaining.

Fun fact: apparently, this short was supposedly to be part of a series of short episodes starring Julien Luc and his misadventures in his quest to find the love of his life. “It’ll be made up of things that happen to all of us,” he said, “and we try finding love instead of letting it come to us.” Indeed! Anyway, with “The Boy Who Looks for Love” looking this well-made, we certainly hope to see more from this series, reneg88!

Here in the Lomography magazine we often venture to the community’s Movies section, where we’re able to stumble upon shorts that do not only depict interesting storylines but are also well-executed. The new Kino Stories series aims to put the well-deserved spotlight on these gems, so keep those creative juices flowing and tell us your story! Who knows, you just might get featured in an upcoming installment!

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    Awesome work @reneg88! :)

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