Snowborder and Photographer Darrell Mathes is back from the slopes


Last November we introduced the work of LomoAmigo Darrel Mathes, whom at the time was planning to shoot while snowboarding in the mountains. He is back from his trip, with a really nice collection of medium format pictures after shooting our beloved Diana F+.


Name: Darrell Mathes
Location: Montreal Canada / Highland Resort South Korea
Field: Professional Snowboarder , Co-Founder of HOWL

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and through that have always been exposed to the outdoors- I was always influenced by other snowboarders and skateboarders as a young kid. I learned how to ski at Mt. Hood when I was nine and then was inspired by my cousin Marty who snowboarded, to switch to that instead- from then on, it was all I thought about. Being a professional snowboarder has allowed me to travel the world and since the beginning, I’ve always documented my travels. Through the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing photographers and been intrigued by what is possible. Photography for me, has become one of my greatest passions and hobbies and is what I do when I’m not snowboarding.

How was your experience shooting with the Diana?

I’ve shot with the Diana in the past and was excited to revisit her. For me it’s always exciting to be surprised by the photo – the Diana truly allowed me to explore visually, but then also letting the camera infuse the photo with its own surprise. I never had the opportunity in the past to shoot at night with the flash so getting to do so, gave it a whole new thrill.

How do your photos represent you?

For me, photographs represent a moment in time. Photography started out as documenting something I was doing, or somewhere I was that I wished to remember. These days, I like to take myself out of the equation and try to remove myself completely. I want to capture someone else’s moment in time so that a viewer can focus on the image, and create their own story within it.

Which is your favorite photograph, and what was going on in the photo?

I like the Jed Anderson photos of him snowboarding down a rail. Jed and I were outside of Montreal filming for Videograss. I was surprised that I was able to shoot action shots with the Diana. I wasn’t sure how they would turn out so I just kept shooting. I was surprised with how well it was framed and the colors that were so strong.

What’s one constant source of inspiration for you?

Lately, I’ve been inspired by other young photographers who are less well known. I’ve found that these men and women are so creative and have such a unique style and story to tell. I like to surround myself with creative people who no matter what their field is, they exude some sort of excitement that sparks inspiration for me.

We are big fun of HOWl brand, tell us little bit about it

Thank you, HOWL is a company that makes snowboarding gloves and accessories, including bags. It is a company I started with Nima Jalai to design gloves for snowboarders by snowboarders. HOWL is a company that differentiates itself from other glove companies by being classic and detailed. We want HOWL to be a company that listens to a snowboarders needs and wants and makes it a reality with the best fit and quality. We are stoked to take HOWL to the next level for the snow and skate industry.

Any tips for budding Photographers, Snowboarders?

I would tell a photographer to shoot with as many different types of cameras as he can to find the one that fits his style and then to just shoot. Shoot as much as you can and have fun with it, you don’t have to show the bad ones to anyone! For snowboarders- snowboard because you want to and because you love to, the more you worry about sponsors, the more you lose yourself and your style. Be humble and people will recognize your skills and personality.

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