Monday Moodboard: Seung Hoon Park’s Intricate Weaved Photo Collage Provides a Kick of Inspiration


It’s a slow Monday for me today at the office but I’ve been blessed enough to stumble upon the work of an artist truly devoted to his craft.

Photograph by Seung Hooon Park via This is Colossal

Taking photographs is one thing while making an image composed of different snaps is another. This is exactly what I need to get me off my butt and start doing something productive with the time I have in my hands. Presenting Seung Hoon Park’s intricate photographs made from woven film strips.

As if mastering analogue photography isn’t hard work enough, Park’s woven photographs can really make you rethink your approach to creating imagery with the use of film and a camera. Instead of just carefully composing his shots and just getting it over with, Park instead uses an intricate process to create a montage/collage/installation/photograph combo that will just blow your mind.

Photographs by Seung Hooon Park via This is Colossal

Park is a photographer from South Korea and uses a 8×10 large-format camera to piece together his 8mm or 16mm film strips into a criss-crossing mosaic that soon reveals itself as a grand image. Just imagine the time and effort poured into a project like this. And I thought making double exposure images was the hardest thing to do.

All images used are by Seung Hoon Park spotted via This is Colossal.

written by cheeo on 2014-02-10 #news #film-strips #woven #seung-hoon-park

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