Lomography x Zenit Petzval Lens Tips: Quick-change Filter Mount

2014-02-18 1

The new Petzval lens is a beautiful thing as is. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying to improve it! Wanting to shoot some infrared film with this lens, I had to find a way to attach an IR filter to it. After giving it some thought and about 10 minutes of work, I came up with a rather elegant solution.

First off, I should remind you that the Petzval lens does have a 58mm front thread. It is perfectly possible to attach any 58mm filter to the lens using this thread. So it might look odd that I wrote this tipster about making your own filter mount. The reason why I made this filter mount is that the lens sits fairly hidden inside the lens hood, making it impossible to attach or remove a filter without also removing the lens hood. I

f you are planning to shoot an entire roll with the same filter, it makes perfect sense to use the existing thread. But if you are like me, regularly changing out filters or if you want to shoot infrared photography, needing to remove the filter to focus and reapplying it to shoot, then this DIY filter mount will come in very handy.

First thing I did to make this mount was find a lid that fitted inside the front of the lens hood. The better the fit, the better it will work. Mine had a little wiggle room which I later fixed by applying some soft cloth. Other than that, I also used an empty 62mm filter and a 62-67 step up ring.

I carefully marked the opening that I had to make in the lid. If made correctly, you can put the 62mm filter inside the lid and screw the 62-67mm step up ring onto it from the outside, leaving the lid stuck in the middle. After tightening things up and giving the shiny metal a matte black coating, I added a 67mm IR filter to the front. The whole thing easily slides in and out of the lens hood. It’s a perfect fit.

As you may know, infrared filters are very dark. Too dark to allow TTL focusing when attached to your lens. So before every single shot you have to remove the filter, frame and focus, reattach the filter and make the shot. If you have to attach and remove the IR filter by screwing/unscrewing it from the lens thread, shooting IR can become quite a drag. But with the filter mount I just made which simply slides in and out of the lens hood, it was very easy to shoot IR.

Curious to see some results? Have a look!

Credits: sandravo

Obviously, this doesn’t only work with IR filters. You can attach any filter you like: color, UV, CPL, effect filters… the list goes on and on. The important thing is you have fun with it!

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