Reviews on Rewind: Bags Galore


Bags protect your cameras, store your belongings, and generally look cool. Lomography has its own share of bags available and we’ve gathered here a couple of reviews made by the community. Check out the bag hags in this week’s Reviews on Rewind!

A Bag for All Seasons Might Not Be for All Reasons by themindseye

First of all, the Hipshot Bag is a unique “hybrid” type bag that is equally at home being worn as a belt pack, as well as over the shoulder like a hipster cross-body bag. In each of these fashion extremes, the Hipshot Bag is spot on with its ability to quickly and easily transform into your preferred utilitarian design statement.

Lomography Cases: Lomo L-Case by guanatos

The Lomo L-Case is one of my favorite Lomography cases. It’s a great way to take care of your camera since it’s made the right size for your LC-A and prevents bumps and bruises. I love that it also has an adjustable strap to carry it around.

Review: LC-A+ Case by adam_g2000

What sets it apart from those is one crucial aspect. It opens a bit like a cigarette packet, the lid is hinged with a snap fastener (also called snap, popper, and press stud). Unlike camera bags with zips etc. you can open the case, have it in your hand and be shooting quicker than Billy the Kid.

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