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A landmark camera introduced by Nikon in December 1954, the S2 was the first Japan-made camera to have a film advance lever and film rewind crank. Read on to find out more about this classic rangefinder camera after the jump!

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In 1955, Japanese camera maker Nikon released the S2, which was a great improvement of the Nikon S model. This 35mm interchangeable lens rangefinder camera sported several notable upgrades, such as a much larger and life-size 1:1 viewfinder, top shutter speed of 1/1000 sec, a lever advance, lever rewind, hot shoe for Nikon flash (bulb), and a standard PC terminal — all in a body that was 5 ounces lighter than the Nikon S.

Aside from being the first Japan-made camera to incorporate a film advance lever and film rewind crank, the S2 is also notable for many other firsts. It was the first Nikon camera to have a 24 × 36 mm image, the first Nikon camera to be made available in black without special order, and the first regular production camera that can be equipped with an electric motor drive.

Approximately 60,000 units of the Nikon S2 were sold, making it the best-selling model in the Nikon S rangefinder series.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Film: 35mm
  • Picture Size: 24 × 36 mm
  • Camera Body: Aluminum die-cast
  • Viewfinder: 1.0x with Bright Frame
  • Film Advance: Lever
  • Film Rewind: Crank
  • Film Loading: Bottom loading, with a single opening key
  • Sprocket-free when rewind: Collar around the Shutter Release Button
  • Film Counter: At the top of Film Advance Lever
  • Weight: 25 oz

Check out the Nikon S2 user manual here.

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All information for this article were sourced from Nikon's Official Website, NikonWeb, Camera Quest, mir.com.my, and Pacific Rim Camera.

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    Love the S. Also The Complete Nikon System is like my bible.

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    Bullet proof rangefinder, great viewfinder and lovely smooth operation. No wonder it never leaves my bag! :)

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