A Whole New Era of Ghost


if you were a friend of friendly Casper then you will love to cross over to the other side in your photographs with this 3rd ghost method.

I’m sure you all know there a couple ways to do double yous and ghosts, you have the B setting and multiple flash option which is very popular and then of course you have the splitzer double exposure more solid duplicate ghost version. I suggest a 3rd option. This third option requires a flashlight, a friend, and extra colorsplash gels. Let me just say though that I love extra colorsplash gels, they are my most favorite lomo accessory and I wish LSI would just sell them in packages.

Ok back to the tip, you set up the camera on a flat surface, B setting ready to go. You could do this trick easily with a Holga 135 bc, an LCA, or a Fisheye 2- any kind of B setting or long exposure cam you want. Open the shutter in the darkened room. Have your assistant turn on a flashlight with a color gel in front of it. As the friend shines the flashlight on you please stay still. Then after like 15 seconds of being shined in the color light have the friend shut the light off, replace the gel with a different color gel, move to a new position and then have the friend turn the light on again and shine you one more time. You could do this as many times as you want depending on how many ghosts you want. Of course when you are done shut the shutter and advance.

I like the effect of this because it is just kinda mellow for ghosts and doesn’t get that kind over exposed you can get when you are doing the multiple flashes. Anyways have fun with it, easy easy tip

written by kylethefrench on 2010-10-28 #gear #tutorials #long-exposure #tipster #b-setting #colorsplash-gels #multipose #stationary-camera #led-lights


  1. chaoticsense
    chaoticsense ·

    Nice tip! I'll certainly try this! Thanks!

  2. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    hurray for me

  3. krssyfu
    krssyfu ·

    nice! one more thing on my list to do! =D thanks for sharing!

  4. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    Awesome dude. I am glad it got published. I have done this with a flash but never tried a flash light. I will now.

  5. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    FUN!!! :D

  6. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    pure lomolove

  7. lomorosie
    lomorosie ·

    So trying this out with my Fisheye 2 and my Diana Flash.

  8. stouf
    stouf ·

    Hurray for you ; )

  9. eskimofriend
    eskimofriend ·

    yay you I love it!! :)
    I need an assistant, anyone free?

  10. smoothlyblasted
    smoothlyblasted ·

    very nice effect! =)

  11. paramir
    paramir ·

    very nice results!

  12. stickyvinny
    stickyvinny ·


  13. kakikamera
    kakikamera ·

    i'll try it tonight.

  14. aldanapress
    aldanapress ·

    I'm totally gonna try this! great tip

  15. syira690
    syira690 ·

    COOLNESS! going to try :D

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