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Your thoughts and opinions count, and we are here to listen. Send your Letters to the Editors and be heard.

The Lomography Magazine Team

What’s on your mind? How are you feeling? Letters to the Editors is your chance to be heard, and the Magazine’s place to listen.

Through the LomoHome *lomographymagazine* and the email address *,* we would like to receive your heartfelt love messages, ideas, suggestions, raves, and rants! Got a story to tell or think you deserve to be featured on the Magazine? Tell us. Read a story that touched your analogue heart? Share your sentiments. Tried a new Lomography product and loving it? Share the love. Overflowing with ideas and you just need to let them out? By all means, let the editors and the community know. Your letter and our reply might get published on the Magazine. And if your letter gets published, you will be awarded five (5) precious piggies!

There have been changes in the Magazine team over the past year or so. We now have a practically all-new lineup. Since most of us are relatively new, we think it’s high time we introduced ourselves to all of you.


*jillytanrad* – Editor-in-Chief

Jill is the Magazine’s EIC, and is very happy with her job as it allows her to foster two of her all-time greatest passions: photography and writing. She got her first camera, an Action Sampler predecessor, when she was twelve and transposed her daydreams onto paper around the same era. She took pictures for a living at some point in her life and wrote about consumer stuff, events, bands and music before finding her way to the Lomography Magazine. Aside from photographs and the written word, she adores her cat, other half and kids. She is a hoarder of books and records and believes that happiness can be bought in the form of front-row concert tickets.


*plasticpopsicle* – Senior Copywriting Editor

Raise your coffee cups to Joy, otherwise known as plasticpopsicle.

Joy is a visual person, caffeine junkie, frustrated writer, aspiring photographer, part-time traveler, and full-time cat-mom. Aside from writing about art, film photography, books, and biopics, she also runs the Locations section of the Magazine, and is your go-to person when it comes to Regular Contributor submissions and pitches.She has been taking photographs and lomographs with a growing collection of cameras since her re-acquaintance with film photography five years ago.


*choools* – Copywriting Editor

Despite being exposed to photography for years now, even owning and occasionally shooting with digital and film SLRs at one point, Julien remains practically an amateur. However, getting hired to write for the Lomography Magazine some months back has certainly sparked her interest in pursuing analogue photography anew. Julien hopes to start a couple of projects in portraiture and street photography sometime in the near future. Other than photography, Julien is also inclined to writing short fiction and watching films. She likes listening to almost all genres of music, too.

Julien has great cinematic and musical taste, so watch out for her music and film-related articles.


*cheeo* – Copywriting Editor

Introducing: the only thorn among the roses.

Marc is a newbie at Lomography and all he knows is read, write and sing when inside the bathroom. He is also a fervent believer in the teachings of kind Mr. Vonnegut and likes his boots above the ankle and his motorcycle rides loud. You can message him anytime at his LomoHome to talk humblebrag about yourselves.


*icequeenubia* – Community Manager

Meet the ‘youngest’ member of our team.

Eunice is a short-haired girl who burns film as therapy. She got her first Lomography camera, an ActionSampler, in a raffle during one of the photowalks she attended. When not shooting, she spends her day reading, watching movies, and playing with her pug.

If you want to be featured in one of our community pieces or if you know someone who should be, then she’s the best person to contact.

Now that introductions have been made, we’d like to get to know all of YOU, and hear what you think. So please, email us or shoot a message through our LomoHome.

written by jillytanrad on 2014-02-05 #news #magazine-team #letters-to-the-editors

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