Fantastic New Petzval Photos From Coco Alexander


Photographer Coco Alexander took our Petzval lens and its special aperture blades to create showstopping shots … take a look to be wowed!

© Coco Alexander

A few weeks ago we interviewed one our first Petzval Lens Artists, NYC dweller and photographer, Coco Alexander. She spoke to us about her journey into life as a photographer and after taking some portrait shots, her thoughts on our new Lomography X Zenit Petzval Art Lens.
Coco has done another shoot using the Petzval Art lens, this time with the four special aperture plates included in the package – here’s what she created!

© Coco Alexander

The Petzval Lens special aperture plates come in teardrop, hexagon and star shapes and one blank (for your own customizable design). With these plates you can create amazing Bokeh (the out of focus areas of the photo) in a ton of different designs. Experiment with tear dropped leaves, use the star for night time or cut your own original design into the customizable plate!

© Coco Alexander

Pre-order your Petzval Art Lens now, and jump on the experimental bokeh train! You can also find out more about Coco and her great photos on her website

written by tomas_bates on 2014-02-04 #news #shots #petzval #coco-alexander #aperture-plates

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