Kino Stories: ‘bad dreams’ by aanum

2014-02-04 1

Whenever we talk about dreams we are limited to merely describing the things we saw and the accompanying emotions. Today’s installment created by aanum attempts to go beyond that and give us a feel of his dreams the way he experiences them.

Video by aanum. Link to the video’s page in the community here

If we are to classify this film into a type, Mads Erdland Aanum (*aanum* “bad dreams” is definitely abstract. A hodgepodge of distorted frames and random images make up this 2:55-long trippy video backed by upbeat, repetitive rock music heavy on guitar riffs and drums. Aanum said that this video represents how his dreams look and sound like. What’s interesting is that this was actually taken from the point of view of a person who has struggled with depression (Aanum admitted that he has dealt with it for some years at the time he created this video). “People often ask me what does it feel like,” he revealed, “and I try to explain, but this is how one of my dreams could look if I could catch it on film. The music goes very well with the film – I think it underlines the paranoia and pain I have been going through.”

Well done, Aanum, and thank you for sharing your story with us.

Here in the Lomography magazine we often venture to the community’s Movies section, where we’re able to stumble upon shorts that do not only depict interesting storylines but are also well-executed. The new Kino Stories series aims to put the well-deserved spotlight on these gems, so keep those creative juices flowing and tell us your story! Who knows, you just might get featured in an upcoming installment!

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  1. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    Hey @aanum, many thanks for sharing this short film and your story with the community :)

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