Adding Embroidery to Your Photos


Want to add a little more ‘oomph’ to the photos you just printed out? Stitch in a couple of threads to add some pizzazz!

Photo from Photojojo

Think something is missing from your freshly printed photos, or just want to add a little bit more of yourself on it? Take this tip from Photojojo and add some embroidery!
It gives a new point of interest, and makes your photo unique. Here’s how!

Photo from Photojojo


  • Embroidery threads
  • Sewing needle
  • Photo printed on thick paper or card stock


  1. Plan your route and mark where you want the thread to go
  2. Carefully prick holes on the photo on the marked areas
  3. Thread the holes with the needle and thread
Photo from Photojojo

Information for this article was sourced from Photojojo

written by cruzron on 2014-02-03 #gear #tutorials #diy #photojojo #tipster #embroidery

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