Monday Moodboard: Graceful Movements Turned into Symmetrical Charcoal Drawings by Heather Hansen


We all know that the human body is capable of many graceful movements (which is what the art of dance celebrates), but one artist has thought of an amazing way to translate them into mesmerizing visual masterpieces on paper. I’m sure you’ll also find her entire process as fascinating as the finished artworks themselves.

I certainly find it mesmerizing to watch Heather Hansen work on her pieces for a part-performance art, part-drawing series called Emptied Gestures. Once she starts her graceful gestures over a large sheet of stark-white paper, with pieces of charcoal in her hand, it’s simply difficult to look away. Her movements eventually form drawings that look just as fluid, calming, and fascinating as her choreographed movements.

Watch the video below shared by This is Colossal to see what I mean:

While described by some as an arduous process, Hansen’s method, which merges her love for both visual art and dance, is nonetheless as stunning as the resulting kinetic drawings themselves. Dance is usually the first that comes to mind when it comes to the art of graceful movements, but to see these movements yield beautiful imprints on paper is really amazing, don’t you agree?

Photos by Bryan Tarnowski and Spencer Hansen

Heather Hansen recently took part in a group exhibition entitled The Value of a Line at Ochi Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho. If you’re going to be around town, see if you can drop by the exhibit, which runs until March 31st.

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