Add a Touch of Elegance and Drama to Your Photos with the Ilford Delta 100 Film


Old-looking doesn’t always mean out of style. See the sophistication of black and white photos and the traditional elegance they exude in this series of photos from the community.

Credits: mafiosa

Calm and composed – those are two words that aptly describe black and white photos that we’re used to seeing when we look at period films and old-school photographs. Don’t get us wrong! Color photography is great but there’s a certain mystique that surrounds black and white photos that make them a rock-solid favorite of many photographers.

These black and white photos from the community are examples of that elegance. See how every simple snap is turned into beautiful and dramatic pieces? That’s the handiwork of the Ilford Delta 100 film. The loving black and white film turns simple scenes into moments frozen in a dramatic fashion. You can almost feel the grain when you put your fingertips on the prints yourself!

Credits: jarko, lomoc, japsix, aldaer, jackdanielmason, grazie, leftofnever & yyyhorn

The Ilford Delta 100 is now available when you use Lomography’s Film Subscription Service! This well-loved black and white film will surely be a quick favorite if you’re looking for that film-noir fix in your photographs! Get this along with other films with the *Experiment Forever Subscription Pack* for the total analogue experiment!

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