Monday Moodboard: Creating Art with Unlikely Materials


With bright, creative ideas and a strong determination to turn these into reality, one can make amazing art even with the use only of simple materials. Say, household objects, perhaps. Don’t believe us? We’ll have the tape art by Ukranian artist Mark Khaisman’s prove this statement right, then!

At first glance, these portraits might look like pixelated, digital art to the viewer; however, these, apparently, are purely made up of layers of translucent packing tape, acrylic paint/film panels, and lightboxes! As part of his Stills series, artist *Mark Khaisman*, recreated images from Hollywood’s Classic Era and Film Noir. According to _Beautiful Decay_, the Ukranian-born, Philadelphia-based artist hand-rolled the tape strips on acrylic panels and removed them “so the light shining through each image creates lines, texture, and shading.”

Photos via Mark Khaisman

Khaisman’s work is reminiscent of that by Amsterdam’s Max Zorn, who makes use of translucent brown tape in creating his own art and sticking them on streetlights around the city.

This really make the “But-I-lack-the-proper-gear” excuse sort of invalid, now, does it?

See the rest of the Stills series here!

written by chooolss on 2014-02-03 #news #monday-moodboard

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