Perfect Combination: Nikon FE2 + Petzval Lens and Lomochrome Purple Film


I love trying all different combinations of cameras on my shelf and film in my freezer. Sometimes things come out OK, sometimes not so good. But just this week, I found a golden combination. Or better yet, a brass/purple combination: my Nikon FE2 armed with the new Petzval lens and loaded with Lomochrome Purple. Check it out!

Credits: sandravo

Last year was an exciting year to become a lomographer. Barely into the game, LSI presented its new film emulsion, the *Lomochrome Purple*. Blinded by the bright purple I immediately signed up for the first batch of pre-orders. When the film landed on my doorstep I was very eager to try it out. So as soon as I took the first roll out of the delivery box, I put it straight into my camera. And boy, how I love that film!

Credits: sandravo

About a week after the Lomochrome Purple was delivered, LSI announced another one of their incredible inventions: the *Lomography X Zenit New Petzval Art Lens*. As I was so impressed by their previous endeavor, I jumped in again and pre-ordered the lens through their Kickstarter campaign. A couple of weeks ago, that gorgeous lens was finally ready for shipment and I am lucky enough to have received it already. Happy as a kid with a new toy, I tried out the lens the very moment I got my hands on it. I attached the lens to my Nikon FE2, took it for a spin, and I loved it! Without any prior experience with this type of lens, I still managed to get some decent results right from the start. And it looks like some agree, given that the third roll I shot with the lens was selected by the magazine staff for the Awesome Albums series.

Credits: sandravo

Now, what would happen if I were to put these two marvelous things together, the Lomochrome Purple film and my Nikon FE2 armed with the Petzval lens? MAGIC! That’s what happened! As much as I like both separately, when brought together they are like a match made in heaven! A truly Golden Couple! Have a look…

Credits: sandravo

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  1. muchachamala
    muchachamala ·

    Looks pretty amazing!

  2. wersofcked
    wersofcked ·

    Love your beautiful pictures! Which iso did you shoot at?

  3. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    @wersofcked These were shot aiming for iso 200. But since I didn't take a reading on a light meter every single shot, some may be iso 160 or 320. Thanks for liking them ;-)

  4. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    Thank you too @muchachamala

  5. servus_salyut
    servus_salyut ·


  6. jos16
    jos16 ·

    Pics are just beautiful, congratulations!

  7. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    Thanks! @jos16 @servus_salyut

  8. avola
    avola ·


  9. raapstelenstamppot
    raapstelenstamppot ·

    I don't think I've ever liked the Lomochrome Purple as much as your photos make me like them. They are quite beautiful!

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