Inspired to Make a Movie with the Lomo LC-A


I decided to help the couple Sean and ZN by taking snapshots of their daily routine since Sean will be away at Manchester for a year. These were taken during a Sunday morning in August at Sean’s place before he leaves in two weeks’ time. All shots were taken using the Lomo LC-A loaded with the Lomography CN 800, mounted on a tripod!

When I first saw the article Make a movie by LOMO L-CA by *jimmyhido* back in year 2011, I was so in love with it. I absolutely love his idea, considering the LomoKino was not yet released at the time, and I was so inspired to try it myself! It is also pretty simple – you just need a camera, film, a girl and a boy, so why not! But over the years I had been dropping this idea mainly because I was afraid that the results might not turn out to be as good as I was thinking. But when I found out from ZN that Sean is leaving for UK, I decided to give it a shot!

I had no idea on how I should go about doing this, which theme I should choose, and which film to go for. I just knew that I wanted something cozy since Sean is leaving, so I decided for the theme to be A day at home. I took snapshots of their usual weekend routine: making breakfast together, building Lego pieces together (that is Sean’s favorite – besides ZN, of course) and endless talks.

As for choice of film, I love the vibrant colors from slide films. But since I am taking pictures indoors, I decided to go for the safer choice – Lomography CN 800. And it didn’t fail me. I love the natural sunlight, the grains, and how natural both can be. I used a tripod, too, because I have shaky hands.

Overall, it has been a great experience, from coming up with a suitable theme to capturing moments then stitching them all together to make a movie clip. It definitely involve great patience and a brave heart. Remember: don’t think, just shoot!

Get the things ready and make your own story!

written by ahben10 on 2014-02-12 #videos #lifestyle #negative #lc-a #love #couple #adayathome

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