Reviews on Rewind: Fujicolor C200 35mm


In these tough times, you want to have a cheap but extremely reliable film that you know can deliver the goods. Fujicolor C200 35mm is a no-nonsense film that’s versatile, gives good color, and friendly on the budget. Have a look at some reviews from the community in this week’s edition of Reviews on Rewind!

Credits: in-the-sky

Fujicolor C200 35mm: The Cheap Go-To Film by in-the-sky

Overall, I like this film for its flexibility and performance in varying conditions, and not to mention the price. Since I first shot with this film, I can’t help but buy loads of it whenever I have the chance to. It has become one of my go-to films since it is so widely available.

Credits: simonesavo

Fujicolor C200: The Film With Many Uses by simonesavo

As you can see, the Fuji C200 is an excellent film. It’s affordable price does not get in the way of the shooting quality. It’s a good film for the low price and can meet a wide range of photographic needs.

Fuji C200: The Versatile Day Film by patsnaps

The C200 combines flexibility and availability. It’s even perfect for film experiments since you do not have to worry about cross processing and burning or washing a couple of bucks away.

Credits: sirio174

Fujicolor C200 35mm: A Film Made for Sunny Days! by sirio174

This film is great even when you shoot in back lit environments! No tracks of “underexposed noise” in the silhouette! And even in a difficult shadowy conditions against a blue sky, the cold dominance of the blue color is easily corrected during scanning!

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