Seattle in Lomographs


In the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday, we’re highlighting the cities of Seattle and Denver through gallery posts that show some of the best sights that they have to offer. In this feature, Seattle!

Seattle is the largest city in the US state of Washington. A popular destination among tourists, it boasts of many important and popular landmarks like the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, the EMP Museum, and the Seattle Great Wheel. There are just so many places to see here; in fact, the National Register of Historic Places has documented no less than 150 locations in the city alone!

Whether you’ve been to Seattle or not yet, we’re certain you’d like browsing through this selection of analogue snapshots taken by members of our community. See if you can identify any of these locations!

Credits: castingshadows, trw, blueskyandhardrock, porkchopsandy, permafrost, tracyvmoore, neversmiling & kimo

written by chooolss on 2014-02-02 #places #travel #seattle #location #super-bowl

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