Crisp Urban Scenes with the Diana F+ Premium Glass Lens


The Diana F+ is already a well-loved camera here in the community but this fan favorite has another card up its sleeves. Get enticed by this camera further when you use the Premium Glass Lens!

Credits: kleeblatt

Dreamy, unmistakably analogue and wonderful lo-fi photos are what made the Diana F+ one of the most popular shooters here in Lomography. There’s no denying that the queen of retro cool has produced some of the best shots with its cute plastic lens. But what happens when you fit it with a superbly-built premium glass lens?

Well, here’s photographic proof that the Diana F+ can still be improved! These shots from in and around the world’s urban landscapes provide a crisp and sharp view with the 75mm Premium Glass Lens! The details in the photographs prove again that the Diana F+ is quite a catch. Snap ultra-sharp photos with the Premium Glass Lens and bring your analogue A-game with the Diana!

Credits: opon21, kleeblatt, weedos, danielmtong, alienmeatsack, novotao, kikuike & makny

The 75mm Premium Glass Lens boasts impeccable sharpness with every snap. This high-quality optic will accompany your Diana F+ and give it a huge boost in the performance and aesthetics department. Get your own Diana F+ Glass Lens or get it with the Diana Glass Lens Bundle at the Online Shop now.

written by cheeo on 2014-01-30 #lifestyle #buildings #urban #landscape #crisp #sharp #diana-f #premium-glass-lens

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