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Requested Posts are what we are looking for now and will earn you 15 Piggy Points. If there’s something you want to write about that fits the submissions guidelines but is not on the list, submit it anyway, you will get 5 Piggy Points!

We’d also like to remind everyone that your submissions to the Magazine should contain only the photos you’ve taken, unless you’re writing about a specific artist, photographer, project, etc. that you’d like to share with the Community. If you’re going to use photos from other websites, remember to secure permission and cite your sources.

This Month’s Requests


While we are no longer accepting submissions for News articles, we still want your tips! Tips are considered articles where Lomography or analogue photography are featured. Shoot us an e-mail at, and you will be credited for every approved/published tip!

Analogue Lifestyle

  • Object of My Affection: Aside from capturing your most treasured moments or the most breathtaking scenes on film, what else are you passionate about? It could be a special someone, a painstaking hobby, your job, you family or something else, as long as you are passionate about it and it fuels your drive to live. Share your passions with us through doting words and pictures.
  • Lomo Love Story: It’s the month of hearts and to celebrate love. Go on, indulge and help yourselves to a large heaping of mush. Share how you and that special someone met and made your own fairytale romance. On the other hand, you can also tell us about your dating disasters, or even your sob story.
  • Perfect Combination: Surely, there must be this camera and film pair that allows you to take pictures anyone could easily fall in love with. Take your favorite film and camera combo for a date and show us snapshots of your day together. And don’t forget to share the juicy details of your hot date.
  • Picture This: Passion Since our theme for February is Passion, our Picture This challenge for February dares you to define what passion truly is, from a personal point of view. If passion for you is walking ten kilometers to deliver a present, or spending sleepless nights to finish a work of art, then tell us about your brand of passion and showcase it in pictures.
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations on Film: We usually ask for Chinese New Year coverage on January, but since the celebration falls on the end of the month, we’re giving you the whole of February to share your Chinese New Year celebrations with the community!
  • LomoLit: We are now accepting submissions for LomoLit! LomoLit is a series all about providing you with fresh and original fiction, all wrapped up in analogue goodness and ready to go! Write your own piece of delectable prose, inspired by your own photos.

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  • Most Romantic Places in the World: We’ve compiled a list of what have been heralded as the most romantic locations in this world we live in. If you’ve been to any of these places or are headed there soon, please do share your pictures and the details of your ‘romantic’ journey.

Paris, France; Venice, Rome, and Florence Italy; Jukkasjärvi and Stockholm, Sweden; Vienna, Austria; Heidelberg and Hamburg, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Seville, Spain; Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina; The Lake District and Burgh Island, UK; Lisbon, Portugal; Istanbul, Turkey; The Greek Islands

The Winelands, South Africa; Morocco; Bali, Indonesia; Kyoto, Japan; New York City; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Mexico; Maldives; Seychelles and French Polynesia

  • It’s a Date: So where do you usually go to when out on a date with your better half? Do you have a favorite café, restaurant, or pub? Are you fond of driving to a beach just a couple of kilometers away from town? Show snapshots of your go-to date venue and tell us why it’s special.
  • Loved by the Locals: Tell us about the most-loved places in your vicinity and don’t forget to take pictures of these landmarks, too!
  • Lomography Day Trips: Last year, we’ve been sharing with you our itinerary recommendations for day trips around the world’s biggest cities. This year, it’s time for you to take charge and show us around your town or city! What are some of the must-visit spots that we should head straight into, if we only have a day to see the sights in your town? Tell us, show us, guide us!

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  • Alternative Couple Shots: Indeed it’s the season for love and romantic dates. But have you tried thinking out of the box and taking off-the-wall yet still charming couple photos? You could try a double-exposed photograph of two lovers on different continents, or maybe couple portraits taken against really bizarre backgrounds. Why not give it a try and share some tips on how you were able to pull off that unconventional romantic photo shoot?
  • Taking Tasteful Nudes: Where there’s love, there’s attraction. Where there’s attraction, there is passion, and perhaps even more. The human form is one of the most attractive subjects in photography, and the barely clothed ones are all the more attractive, but delicate and difficult to photograph. Nude photographs can be tastefully done, but not everyone is prepared to try it. Help the community by sharing valuable tips on shooting tasteful nudes and help make nude photography a more widely-accepted art form.
  • Lomography x Zenit Petzval Lens Tips: Batches of == Lomography x Zenit Petzval Lenses== have been delivered, so we’re wondering how you’ve been able to play around with it. It’s time to share those tips on making the most of this brass-clad optical sensation.
  • LomoChrome Purple Tips: Do you think you’ve mastered taking awesome and dreamy photos using the LomoChrome Purple films? Then, why don’t you share with us your tips and tricks for making the most out of this stunning film? A fellow Lomographer may be in need of your expertise to make sure he or she only gets the most stunning purple-drenched shots!
  • Lomo Experiments: We still want to hear more of your new and cool experiments – endeavors that we’ve never had before here in the Lomography Magazine. So go ahead and amaze all of us in the Community with your new Lomo Experiments!

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  • Cameras
  • Lubitel 166+
  • Horizon Perfekt
  • Diana F+ Deluxe Kit
  • Spinner 360
  • Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic
  • Films
  • LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 120
  • Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 35mm
  • Lomography Peacock 200 110
  • Fuji Instax Wide


  • Lomography x Zenit Petzval Lens
  • Belargon Lenses
  • Belair Instant Back
  • Fritz the Blitz 2.0
  • DigitaLIZA 110

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Regular Contributions

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