5 Reasons to Fall in Love Instantly

Love, they say is a many-splendored thing. We really can’t argue with that especially when you’ve just fallen head over heels with a new-found love.There are lots of reasons to fall in love – the promise of many firsts and a future of sweetness and happy moments together. Here are some good reasons why falling in love instantly is probably one of the greatest feelings there is.

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1. It’s a whirlwind-kind-of-affair.
Holding your very first instant camera can give you the butterflies especially if you’re just thrilled about the idea of seeing your prints appear right before your eyes. You just want to take it with you wherever you go and create instant memories with it.

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2. It’s convenient.
We can’t really count on love to be easy and convenient but instant photography just is. You can forget about film processing for a while and just focus on the picture that’s going to come out of the printer. It’s like holding a little box of magic right in your hands.

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3. You’ll have special moments together even if it’s the simplest dinner date..
Have you ever had a moment when you wished you could just see your prints right there and then since you feel so wonderful at that time and you just can’t wait? Yes, you’ll have plenty of those but with instant photos to remember them by.

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4. You’ll be like a smitten lover who can’t wait to introduce your new love to friends and family.
Gatherings will be an exciting moment again since you’ve got a new love affair to carry with you wherever you go. Introduce your family to your analogue passion and give them instant snaps for a souvenir or let your friends drool over the analogue goodness of each instant print that your camera churns with every click of the shutter. And who would pass up an analogue selfie these days?

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5. It will be so much fun!
Discovering your camera and the many ways you can use it will be a love story for the ages. You may be timid at first but once you get the hang of it, we bet you wouldn’t want to get separated. It’s that discovery that makes things more exciting as you go along your way. Instant photography has its quirks and maybe that’s the more reason to fall in love with it.

There are way more reasons to fall in love with instant photography. What’s good is that you’ll get to know all of those by taking snaps of your most passionate times on instant film. You don’t know it yet, but the instant photography lovebug had just bit you.

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