Bright and beautiful snapshots of scenes from nature taken with the Fuji Provia 400X

2014-01-29 2

Capture all the vibrant colors of nature with your 35mm camera and the Fuji Provia 400X!

Credits: nanigo, atria007, bccbarbosa, vici, harrietgreen, permafrost, ishifishy, kibs, traaaart, qrro & blueskyandhardrock

The *Fuji Provia 400X* is a versatile slide film that, regardless of any lighting condition, would make the colors of your photographs pop. That said, what better subject to shoot with this film than nature with its greens, blues, reds, and other brilliant colors?

Get the Fuji Provia 400X when you subscribe to the Analogue Trio bundle, one of Lomography’s newest additions to its Film Subscription Service. True analogue photography aficionados might be interested with this bundle, as this combines Lomography, Fujifilm, and Kodak films in one awesome package! You can pick any among all Lomography films; the Instax mini single and double pack, Fujicolor 200, Fuji Provia 400x, Fujichrome T64 RTP 35mm expired, and the Fuji Superia 100/120 for Fuji films; and the Portra 160, Portra 400, Portra 800, Ektar, Plus-X 125 expired, and the Black & White P3200 TMax 35mm – Expired for Kodak films. Having different kinds of films only means that you would surely have one for any type of camera and situation!

Head on to this article to get an overview on the Analogue Trio, Instant Love, and Experiment Forever bundles. When you’re ready to subscribe to the Analogue Trio bundle, click here!

Now, what would your dream subscription be? Tell us in the comments section below!

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    The lovely photos in this gallery were shot by @nanigo @atria007 @bccbarbosa @vici @harrietgreen @permafrost @ishifishy @kibs @traaaart @qrro and @blueskyandhardrock. Many thanks! :)

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