Ambitious and impressive ‘Loving Vincent’ project currently in production

2014-01-29 1

How would you like to help make the world’s first feature-length, fully-hand painted feature film a reality?

Poster via BreakThru Films

Even though it’s still in the final stages of pre-production, “Loving Vincent” already seems to be one film that we should all look forward to. Produced by the Oscar-winning studio BreakThru Films, this grand undertaking is set to tell the tale of influential artist Vincent van Gogh’s life and controversial death, with the plot guided by 800 of the letters he wrote and told by the people in his portraits including Adeline Ravoux, Dr. Gachet, and Armand Roulin.

Stills via Kickstarter

“Loving Vincent” is on an entirely different level from the animation we know of in the sense that each of the images to be featured here is an oil painting on canvas, to be painted exactly "in the style of van Gogh.” To do so, 60 painters are projected to be trained to make the 56,800 paintings.

To see for yourselves just how impressive this project is, here’s the concept trailer for “Loving Vincent”!

Video via YouTube

All information in this article were sourced from Kickstarter via This is Colossal.

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    This looks very interesting. I'll have to see it - maybe even get it on DVD if available. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

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