Timeless Beauty in Black and White Courtesy of Kodak T-Max


Give your photos a touch of class with black and white film. Take hints from these dramatic black and white photographs from the community taken with the iconic Kodak T-Max black and white film.

Credits: xabimetal_13

There’s a reason why photography masters of old used black and white film for their magnificent photographs. We can go on and on about that and still come to a conclusion that black and white film really makes dramatic photographs.

And for all of you who are asking what kind of film is used to create these breath-taking photographs, the Kodak T-Max black and white film is the culprit. This film has been used time and time again by photographers all around the world. Kodak is known for its great films and the T-Max is probably perched near the top spot of any photographer’s list of great black and white films. Every subject that this film touches just turns into photographic gold, only in subdued tones.

Credits: mediabrus, dogma, grrrhearts, t0m7, ethermoon, itisanormalname, mijc, sadabone, opon21 & deepfried_goodness

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