My Analogue Resolutions for 2014: Live Analogue and Let Go


January isn’t over—yet. It is still not too late to declare my analogue resolutions which, upon utter fulfillment, would hopefully make 2014 a better and more meaningful year. Wish me luck and willpower!

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Trust point-and-shoot.
Several years ago, I worked as a photographer for a portrait studio. I grew accustomed to using manual settings, especially since the studio required for us to use DSLRs that we could fiddle and experiment with at no cost. At that time, I was never happy with using point-and-shoot cameras because I was obsessive about choosing and experimenting on shutter speed and aperture settings.

With Lomography cameras, however, I know that I can still produce nice-looking pictures without fiddling with too many dials every time I compose a shot. So yeah, I will stop obsessing, and just let go.

Experiment but don’t overdo it.
The problem with me is that even if there’s a light meter that should help me with my shots, I tend to deviate from what it says —sometimes completely defy, actually—and choose an entirely different setting. A bad case of curiosity kills, I’m afraid.

Credits: jillytanrad

Read the manual.
My experimental nature encourages me to go into battle without proper preparation. I’ve leard, however, that reading the manual can save you a roll of film.

Credits: jillytanrad

Less Internet time, more quality time.
The thing with the Internet —specifically social media—is that it allows us to reach people from all corners of the universe, but hinders us from interacting with those who are actually there.

I began fulfilling this promise over the weekend. No Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Pinterest, just quality moments with friends and family.

Devote time to my reading.
I probably have at least 30 books—comprising of both fiction and references—that have been demanding for my attention in the past couple of years. I’m a book sale addict, you see, and I have the tendency to hoard paperbacks and hard-bounds with the strong faith that I will find the time to read all of them. Well, now is the time!

Credits: jillytanrad

I promise to bring a film camera wherever I go.
The selfie and microblogging phenomenon has encouraged many of us to use our phone cameras incessantly, for such a habit allows us to instantly share our experiences online. Photo filters have made it possible for us to achieve a vintage look for our photos. But where’s the authenticity in that, really? I’m not saying that I will never use my phone camera again, but I will make it a habit to capture every significant moment or striking scene on film as well.

Credits: jillytanrad

I promise to go out more.
Unfortunately, I don’t live in a ranch or a Greek village, and I’ve probably exhausted every interesting subject within my line of view. It is time to go out and explore the world, and find more people, places, events and objects to photograph.

I promise to plan and schedule photo projects.
Of course, if I intend to go places to shoot wonderful photos, then I must at least plan my itinerary; or if I will not be photographing the streets, then I should probably find a willing victim, err, subject.

Write, write, and write—even if I’m not clocked in.
When you write and read written word for a living and you are pressured by targets, writing becomes somewhat a mechanism; and when this happens, your writing becomes less soulful, and distinction becomes less evident in your work.

Don’t get me wrong; I totally love what I do. I just think it’s time I pursued personal projects that nourish my soul and emancipate my craft. I have the wildest, hyper-realistic dreams, so I should get started with that dream journal. I have a knack for writing verses, so I should start writing poems and songs again. And I should update that neglected blog—long overdue!

The next step, ladies and gentlemen, is to live out these resolutions. I have a lot of time on my hands, but a plethora of promises to fulfill.

What about you? What are your analogue resolutions? Tell us about it.

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