Quick Tips for That Lovely First Date

Believe it or not, a simple date can be the start of a romantic love affair. You just never know if you’re going to hit it off but the beauty of it is in the chase. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared while you get hyped up for your first date. Going on a date is something that you should prepare for even if it’s all supposed to be a wonderful surprise, and preparation doesn’t mean you have to kill the excitement!

Credits: reneg88 & dreadlockboy

1. To start off, don’t get too carried away on your first date.
This goes true in real life as well as with your first try with a camera. You should be able to feel if your date is getting a bit uncomfortable with all the staring just because she’s such a good-looking creation right out of a romantic movie. The LC-A+ is one of the best-looking Lomography cameras and the amazing photos from the community made me feel that I could create magnificent photos right off the bat. Was I wrong? I forgot to account for the distance and well, I mostly got blurred shots on my first roll.

Credits: mrmaart, istionojr & eva_eva

2. Always put your best foot forward.
This is still in connection to number one. You have to take some things into consideration with your first date! The place, the ambiance – the works! You have to make sure that the lighting condition is appropriate, the ISO setting is set and your focus is spot-on. Failing to do so may leave you with a polite handshake, a trite “goodbye, thanks for the meal” and a ruined roll/date that could have been magical.

3. Be consistent.
No self-respecting date would go into all the troubles of fixing a perfect setting and just flunk the rest of the date since the planning is already “good.” Always be in tip-top shape on your first Lomographic date! Don’t think that it’s okay to drink too much wine or you’ll end up like me. I thought that my first time with the LC-A+ would be a walk in the park that’s why I amped it up by doing exposure after exposure after exposure. The result? Crash and burn.

See what happens when you try to compose the perfect photo and calculated too much on one end? Yep, blurred shots, missed double exposures and light leaks.

4. Stop thinking too much… or better yet, don’t think!
Like on a real date, don’t think about what your date is saying too much. Don’t mind that she’s twirling her hair or looking far off after your meal. Well, context clues are nice signals but when you overthink them, you might just overshoot and misunderstand the signals. Fiddling too much with your camera may lead to mixed-up settings or even the occasional light leak since you forgot that you still had the film inside.

Credits: harrietgreen, reneg88, guitarleo & atria007

5. Most importantly, have fun.
Nothing paints a picture of a good time more than genuine smiles. Dates should be fun and your experience with a new camera should be, too even if you bungled most of your shots. Beam that wide smile and don’t forget to enjoy! This is a date with Lomography, not detention!

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written by cheeo on 2014-01-31 #lifestyle #lomography #lc-a #first-date-tips #hits-and-misses

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