Be the Life of the Party and Shoot Instant Portraits with Instax Mini Film!


Instant film is made for spontaneous fun. Count on these instant portraits on Instax Mini film to show you the joys of instant photography!

Say cheese! Or not! Shoot lo-fi portraits in fun credit-card-sized snaps with Instax Mini film. You’ll get to see your lovely snaps appear right before your eyes and have the opportunity to share them with family and friends.

Credits: daniellepetrosa

You’ll always be the life of the party when you bring your favorite instant camera with you as long as you keep it stocked with Instax Mini film. Take a hint from these Lomographers who look like they’re having the time of their lives on these instant portrait snaps! Be the photographer, the subject or even both if you decide to take a selfie. Nothing will hold you back from the having the time of your life when you shoot with Instax Mini film!

Now’s your chance to get in on the action of instant photography. Lomography’s Instant Love package from the Film Subscription Service will make sure that you are always loaded with instant film and ready to go in a snap of a finger. Just subscribe to the Film Subscription Service, pick the Instant Love package and you’re all set. Now that’s instant and spontaneous fun!

Credits: badjuju, floriansimon, natalieerachel, dida, daniellepetrosa, juanix, eyecon & uphilldawta

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