The Land Down Under: Melbourne's Graffiti Lane


Since the 1990s, Melbourne has been home to some great street art, with two lanes, Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane, being something like a giant, open air canvas for graffiti artists for years. Here’s some amazing graffiti I had the chance to see during my stay in the city!

In October 2013, as my boyfriend decided to relocate for some time in The Land Down Under, I left with him and spent a couple of months between Melbourne and Brisbane.

While he was more of a fan of the latter, I fell in love with Victoria’s capital city and its bustling streets, among which Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane, a.k.a. Graffiti Lanes!

Located in the South-Eastern part of Melbourne CBD, the industrial buildings in these two alleys are completely covered in graffiti, like a huge canvas!

Here, street artists are free to explore their creativity without fearing any fines or sanctions, like it was some kind of a graffiti paradise!

The scenery is so colorful and simply cool that it is a great subject for Lomographs, and also an excellent background in general! While we were there we stumbled upon a few couples getting their engagement photos taken right there. It was funny seeing a brides wearing their white wedding dresses in such a … well, not too traditional environment! The contrast with a similar backdrop, exploding with colors, was just so nice!

I guess you can totally say I fell in love with all that street art, and we were so lucky because only a few days later those two lanes got a complete makeover and were painted black by 50 graffiti artists in order to make it a blank slate to start covering it in their art all over again!

I’d love to visit Melbourne again someday and take a stroll in “Graffiti Lanes” to see new art living on its walls!

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