Get Wildly Colorful Portraits with Lomography’s X-Pro 200 Film!


Take a cue from these colorful portrait snaps from the community using Lomography’s own X-Pro 200 Film and feel every bit like a portrait pro!

Credits: lomokev

Creating the perfect portrait can be as hard as looking for your best photo in your album. You just can’t say it’s the perfect portrait since you have so many frames that you are yet to shoot. Well, who needs the perfect portrait anyway when you have fun experimenting with dripping colors, screaming contrast and amazing effects on Lomography X-Pro 200 Film!

These amazingly colorful snaps from the community are the next best thing to having the “perfect portrait.” They look like they’re having a blast when they’re shooting these X-Pro portraits! Every snap is oozing with luscious colors and effects that the Lomography X-Pro 200 Film is known for. We can almost say that these are X-Protraits. Get it? X-Protraits, x-pro portraits? I’m sorry for the pun, it sounded hilarious in my head.

Credits: warning, qrro, chippo, roberteaton, lomocrea, poepel, 4ene4s & kostas

Good news to all Lomographers who are looking for this well-loved film. The *Lomography X-Pro 200 Film* has just been restocked at the Online Shop! Now, you can get your analogue-loving hands on some wonderful color snaps with crazy color shifts and screaming saturation. Just head over to the Online Shop and get a cart full of amazing X-Pro goodness!

written by cheeo on 2014-01-27 #lifestyle #portraits #x-pro #lomography-x-pro-200-film

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