LomoAmigo: Photographer and Editor Dilek Öztürk


Lomography Turkey’s LomoAmigo for February is photographer and editor Dilek Öztürk. Read on to get to know the Istanbul-based artist and see her photos.

Please tell us something about yourself.

I take photographs, I write, I travel, stop watching when I see something beautiful, I do not hurry.

We know that you love analogue photography. What attracts you to analogue photography?

We consume so much and very fast. Waiting a few days to see the pictures makes analogue photography more special than digital. Not only that, developing and holding the pictures in my hands are different feelings that cannot be compared with digital. This is less shooting but more satisfaction.

Do you use other analogue stuff such as notebooks, records, and the like?

Yes, I use them a lot. Calendar, notebook, pencil, ruler. Recently, I found Madonna’s first 45rpm records. I need a record player.

You take your pictures with the La Sardina, Diana and Smena. Which one is your favorite?

All of them. I choose my camera according to the countries or atmospheres. I love them individually. However, I must confess that I like what it says on Smena “Made in the USSR”, and also the material itself.

Which of your shots is your favorite? Tell us about it.

Photos on a train station in Bratislava. Urban culture of the Soviets and this cultural aesthetics impressed me a lot.

Can you talk about your project: “Tesadüfler ne kadar tesadüfidir How much is accidental coincidence?

637 days , 91 weeks , 21 months , 44 cities and 11 countries throughout a diary of coincidences that I hold. Intertemporal comparisons, temporary satisfaction with comparisons or the opposite wailed. The project book starts with “Memory is a wonderful thing” word. Two years ago, I was a member of an online diary website. Every day, they sent me an e-mail asking me how my day was. This project was developed with my answers. Sometimes, I ascribed my picture with a sentence or a day. My pictures are not very colorful, they are stark and cold. The things that run into me incidentally during my travels.

You said that photography is the ideal way for ‘self-questioning’. Could you expound on this?

I totally agree with this situation. I made a conscious choice to express myself in this way. It takes a long time to sit in a particular language with the photos. Both personally and theoretically, you save a lot of time both in a practical sense. I think being in that process, starting not to like your previous works, and trying to express yourself with fewer words and less visuals are utterly important.

Any new projects?

I’ll prepare my solo exhibition in March. Still preparing the location for the series, yet to be announced. And I have an “İstanbul-in between” project: The portraits that shape Istanbul. As a New Year’s resolution, I have to find more time for this blog. İstanbulinbetween.com

Where do you want to be and what would you like to do now?

A place where I can cultivate something and I do not have anything to keep up with.

  • Which popular culture icons would you like to photograph?*
    Iggy Pop.

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